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About Ciao Surveys

Part of Greenfield Online who are a world leader in market research and paid surveys. Ciao will invite you to take online surveys on a wide variety of consumer topics. For completing online surveys at Ciao you will be rewarded with cash which will be added to your account, once you have £5 you are paid via either cheque or have it sent straight to your bank account.

Benefits of Joining

Taking Surveys

Firstly you must register with Ciao Surveys, this is a very quick process and usually takes no more than 4 minutes. In order to receive as many paid surveys as possible its recommended that after registering you login with your details and fill in all your profile information. Payment for each online survey you are sent ranges from 50p to a maximum of £5 each. As they are part of a massive market research company its likely that you will receive numerous survey invitations from Ciao every month. Once you have £5 in your account you can claim the monbey via either cheque or have it sent straight to your bank account.

Requirements to Join

Age 16+ and resident of the UK

Ciao Surveys is now owned by Toluna you can find out more about taking surveys for high street vouchers at Toluna by clicking here.