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Synovate Wonderbug

Wonderbug Powered by Synovate

Synovate Wonderbug Review

Synovate are well known as the worlds most curious company. They are one of the biggest market research sites in the world and currently have millions of members across the globe.

Synovate has recently updated their site and is now known as Wonderbug. The new site is a full online community which offers better rewards and much more to do.

Benefits of Joining

Taking Surveys

When an online paid survey is available for you to participate in you will be sent an e-mail with instructions in on how you can access it. The vast majority of the questionnaires you are sent at Wonderbug will take on average 10 - 15 minutes to complete, its rare that you will be sent one which is longer than this.

For joining and completing the initial registration / profile survey you will be rewarded with 500 points that are added instantly into your account.

Payment Info

You are rewarded with points for taking surveys which you can then redeem for cash or gift vouchers. To redeem your points you must have 9000 points in your account which equates to £5. To cash out simply log in to your account and redeem via the 'webshop' link. You will then get an extra £1 for every 1800 points that you have in your account.

For each survey you take or get screened out of you will get an entry into their prize draw. The draw is held once every 3 months and offers prizes such as iPods, iPads, TVs and other electronic goods which add up to the value of £3850. As the draws are held so frequently and their is loads that they are giving away you do have a great chance of winning something.


Privacy is taken very seriously at Synovate, your personal information will be kept secure and will only be used to match you to an available surveys. Your personal information will never be sold to any third party websites, more information on this can be found in their privacy policy.

Requirements to join

Age 14+ and resident of the UK

Earn some extra cash or vouchers online and Join Synovate Research today!